Is it Too Early for Halloween Decor?

I am known as the Queen of Halloween around here. Our old house was even known as the Halloween House. Mind you, I was pretty kid friendly because I still got Trick or Treaters even though most churches have Trunk or Treat plus our downtown had events. I decorated the outside and the inside and often times I would let the kids come in to look around. I enjoyed it to see their faces. 

One of the promises of downsizing I made to my husband was to get rid of a lot of my decorations which was overwhelming.  At least to him. But I knew that we simply did not have the storage room. So I had two huge garage sales. And got rid of a ton of stuff. Made some great money. 

Now here we are in our new house. The hubs told me to get started in AUGUST. His reasoning was that it was a new house and I needed extra time to figure out how to decorate it. So i dug out the boxes. 

And heres more

Can you believe this is after downsizing? 

Well here’s some decorating. Hope you like it. 

Here’s my fireplace. 

A little Edgar Allen Poe .

A ghoul hanging on light fixture.  

A life sized coffin. This one is cardboard.  

Here’s a wreath i made. 

Some cute witches on my ladder. 

I will post more pic later. 


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