Why Garage Sale shop?

Sometimes, I wonder if it’s worth going to garage sales. You have to get up early to try to snag any bargains but inevitability there is always someone ahead of me who’s arms are filled with awesome things for $1.00 while everything I want it priced too high. Plus you drove all over and often don’t find a dang thing.  

Friday, was like that. Drove over hill and dale only to find a book and a pair of shorts for hubs which I found out were too tight. Rats! There goes 25 cents . 

Anyway, I was out Saturday with my hubs and we had much better luck. We were at one place and my husband saw these glass insulators which he collects behind the tables on shelf. He asked if they were for sale. She said yes and then we were bargaining on and off and the woman said that she was giving him a great deal and that wouldn’t bargain on anything else. We didn’t think we would be buying anything else so we said fine. We’re  talking about a $5.00 deal. Of course, I had to see a cool old Tom’s cabinet in the back of garage. I asked about it. She gave me a decent price . I tried to negotiate,  she said “No”. I had to laugh . I told the hubs that he had stolen all the bargaining power. I ended up buying it with plans to resell it in my booth.  

Here’s a couple pics. 


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