On the Road Again 

I was sharing our visit to the Renaissance Festival with my daughter and had mentioned that a mutual friend had really liked the Renaissance Faire in Kansas City. She said she wished she could have gone and we went on to talk about other things.

The following day , she called me and said guess what? She had acquired free tickets to the Renaissance Faire. Those tickets are usually about $30 each. Her hubs couldn’t go since he had National Guard duty. 

Wow, that would be cool.  But the kicker was we had to drive all the way to Branson to pick up kiddo  which was 2 hours and then drive all the way to KC. Which was about 3 hours.  We drove to Branson on Friday and spent the night at kids.  Saturday , we left at 7 am. UGH! 

I am not a good traveler, my body gets stiff and sore and I can be cranky. We took a few breaks. 

I don’t know what this place is when its not a Renaissance Faire but it was amazing. We had an extra ticket, so I gave it to a young teenager who seemed kind of shy. 

This is one of the many awesome buildings. So authentic looking. 

Even met a fairy. 

A knight in shining armour. Apparently  the strong silent type.

Goofing around.

Cool entry to something. 

This elephant was giving rides and I  was standing just looking when he was curious about me too. 

I wanted ride the camel or the elephant but the family nixed it. Party poopers. 

More of the buildings.  

Hubs got his huge turkey leg.  

Me shooting a crossbow. Easier than bow but I actually shot worse. Go figure.

Got to watch Jousting.  We rooted for Sir Arthur.  His arch nemesis was Sir William who was quite the cur. He played his part well. 

Here we are in line for the Zip Line. Again, another big fear of mine that the family has been bugging me to do. But this was a short one and wasn’t too far off the ground. I thought if I fall I probably would only break a leg or two. Besides, it was only $10.00. 

I will tell you, at one point I was pretty nervous. Ok, I was terrified. 

I got all strapped up and then you kinda jump, run or walk off platform and then boom, you slide on your way to the other platform. I screamed bloody murder and had my eyes closed until I heard people cheering and clapping. I found out later they were cheering me on and probably laughing at the old broad. See pic below and you will understand why. 

I got to the first platform and had my choice to go on or climb down a ladder. I bit the bullet and went the second leg which was better. Eyes open, less screaming but when I got off, I was shaking. But I did it. 

Had a lot of fun, though after 5 hours of walking, my dogs were barking.  Time to head to hotel and get dinner.

Of course, got a little shopping in. It is me afterall. 


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