Renaissance Festival

Have you ever been to a Renaissance Festival? It’s fun and definitely unique. You see all sorts of costumes and weird people. 

My hubs here enjoyed shooting a bow and arrow which he was good at.

Then there’s me, who’s arrow kept falling off the rest. But I still got some pretty good shots though. 

Here’s my hubs with Red Tail Boa. He loves snakes.

As for me, I confess I am pretty afraid of them. Don’t know what gave me the courage but I held this one. However; I did tell the handler to hold the head away from me. Snake was heavy. 

There was a pretty funny show with Wet Wenches. Some guy had to put on big underwear and go yell in the crowd that he was courageous.  

We learned how to use a Pike like a soldier would. There were various stances and it was fun learning

 Don’t we look menacing?

Come on now.

A selfie with happy faces.



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