I don’t know about you but try as I might, no matter how organized I try to be, plans go awry. In this case, when we moved here, we had detailed plans of how this move was going to go down. I’m sure God was secretly chuckling. It just goes to show, that us mere humans have no clue. We made lists, daily lists, weekly and  overall lists. 

Unfortunately, our buyers threw a monkey wrench into those plans. While we planned to have an extra couple days before we had to move out, in order to clean and organize the new house, the new buyers who were supposed to give us those extra days changed their minds in the last week before closing. YIKES!

Basically, we had to throw everything into various rooms in the new house. The room hardest hit was my craft room. 

Here we are 5 months of hard work and we have gotten a lot done.  Of course, there are plenty of more projects but since cooler weather is beginning to require long pants versus shorts, one of my projects now is to switch wardrobes to sweaters, long pants and close toed shoes. Goodbye Summer, see ya later shorts, tank tops and sandals. So everything  has to come out of drawers, closets  to put away. Since everything for Fall and Winter  is still in boxes in my craft room , I have to sort through that. Also unfortunately,  I have lots of clothes that don’t fit anymore. 😂. Dang it. How did that happen?

WARNING  Here comes the messy picture 

Having shown you this, I need to explain, that I am consigning some of my clothes to a local resale shop so I can get some money to afford clothes that actually fit. The good news is that I realized I don’t need 10 pairs of jeans, or 14 jackets. My life is much simplier now. I don’t dress up for work since I am retired. I live in shorts on the racquetball court . Home is jeans and t shirt. We live in a small town so the most exciting place to go is Walmart. It is a SuperCenter after all. Woo hoo. Living the dream. 

My summer clothes are going to fit nicely in the extra closet in my craft room. I am just going to have to cut down my sweater collection. I have 3 gray sweaters . I love them all. That’s my problem, I  love too many things. 

So wish me luck as I continue this task and I will post pictures when I am done. Should be about 2018 by then. 


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