Annual Halloween Bash

Every year for about the last 10 or more, we have hosted a Halloween party. Halloween is my second favorite  holiday behind Christmas.  This coming from the woman who loves Hallowen but hates to be scared.  All of my decor is pretty kid friendly. I love Trick or Treaters especially the little ones. 

The essence is in the details. People often tell me I have so many things to look at. I am sure they can’t possibly see it all on one night especially with a party going on. It’s those details, I am proud of. 

As I have mentioned previously,  my hubs had me set up the interior way way way too early because he thought I needed more time because this was a new house (at least to us). I had been pouring over Pinterest, old magazines and past ideas to create the new decor.  I wonder how many actual hours I spend pondering. Pinterest is a mixed blessing because it gives you gadzillions ideas and bad because the ideas look so easy and sometimes they’re not. 

We’ll start with the Outside.

This shot was obviously done at night. We live in the country so there are no street lights. Boy was it dark that night. 

This is a lovely married couple just relaxing on the front porch rocker. 

Not so scary during the day.  Those witches hat were lit up from the inside with glow sticks from Dollar Tree on the night of the party. 

This is the front door complete with a lit up Dracula and a vulture in the corner.

This is my huge Gargoyle that I have owned for years. I love him. 

Pardon the empty area behind the tombstones.  That’s where we dug out those awful plants and have yet to do our exterior landscaping.  

This bad boy is in a cage suspended from our front tree. A big wind kind of knocked him cattywompus.  I kind of like it that though. The cage is made easily out of pvc pipes and strips of lathing. 

This is outside in the back . We set up a firepit and had a wonderful time last night with smores and joking around. We also brought the outdoors chairs closer to it also.

Here are some more tombstones and a happy ghost. There is also  couple more skeletons at a table and another witch silhouette that my husband made and I painted.

One inside, Alfred greets you with one of several sayings in a creepy voice. Freaks people out when they walk in and see him. Then the dog skeleton howls. He was actually on my porch at last night party. 

Behind Alfred is scene to refelect Edgar Allan Poe. 

Watch out! There are spiders waiting everywhere.  

This is my fireplace.  Spiders and crows with a couple of witches too.

A little brighter view. 

A little Halloween tree. Gotta love that gourds face. 

More stuff on hearth. 

A life size coffin holds Dracula inside.  Coffin is made of heavy cardboard.  Easy to move, not so great to store. 

Ladder stays and I will decorate it for each event. Now its all about the witches

Another little Halloween tree and rat skeleton. 

This is the area off entry for our dining. I made the skull garland. 

I forgot to take a picture of the table laden with all the food. Oops. 

Stepback cupboard holds some Halloween Lemax houses complete with scary noises. The mini coffin held Salted Caramel  Dip and Apple Pie Dips with cookies. 

Another skeleton hangs around for some leftovers maybe?


Welcome to the kitchen. 

Here’s the hallway to the bathroom. 

My specimen box

The guest bathroom. My dear friend quilted that Halloween scene for me. 

You can barely see these little crow lights on the top of shower scary curtain. 

He was Jake from State Farm and I  was Flo from Progressive.  

Hubs and kid. She was Day of the Dead . She handpainted her own face. Little faded because pics were at end, but she looked cool. 

That’s it for now. Hope you have a great Halloween. I am officially tired. But already getting geared  up for Thanksgiving.  


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