Fall has arrived. 

Goodbye October. 

 confess after our annual Halloween party,  I feel like Halloween is over.  I am still trying to downsize so I  wanted to eliminate the Halloween decor I didn’t love. And I didn’t want to pack up anymore so I took down the decor and separated the absolutely love to the so so category .  Then I listed those so so items on Facebook sell groups and sold most of it. Yea, extra cash plus less stuff to store. 

Then I pulled out my Fall /Thanksgiving decor. Most of it is foilage. A lot of leaves, garlands and pumpkins. I did paint some of the cheapo Dollar Tree pumpkins with some chalk paint I got at Walmart. 

Here are a couple of shots of my decor. Will post more later. 

This little cubbie is new to us. we bought it a couple weeks  ago at a Antique Fair . It’s a little tricky because the bins slant down so I will have to do something to raise the inside. 

This is my dining room. I created the flower arrangement on  the top of a regular  lantern and made a bow. Filled it with little pumpkins. 

I bought the white distressed charges at Hobby Lobby. Added my cabbage plates I got awhile back at Goodwill. Then added some new pretty pumpkin plates I got at Walmart by Better Homes & Garden. Topped it off with golden napkins and cute little crow napkin holders I picked up at my local Antique store .  I love crows. My grandma had a pet one a loonnnng  time ago. way before my time. 

Although it’s 80 degrees again today, the inside of my house is all Fall. Oranges, greens, yellows , reds and browns. So  pretty. I just wish the outside would match but for some reason, there are only a few trees here and there that are colorful. 

A little closer look. 

This little scene  is placed on an amber colored cake plate with bittersweet,  little faux pumpkins, a candle  and one of my sweet crows. 

The rest of the tour will be posted later. 



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