Vintage Market 

I have always enjoyed outdoor flea markets which are abundant in California but not so much in Missouri. There’s a few but in California, they had them at College Parking Lots in Huntington Beach, and lots of other places.

This Vintage Market was sort of a big flea market in that it was set up individually but the products were either Vintage,Antique or handmade. Some of the booths were spectacular. They obviously spent hours setting up and it was inspiring. Made me want to go to my own booth at the local Antique Mall and redo everything.

Prices were higher on a lot of things. Higher than I was willing to pay, but I did find some bargains.

My hubs actually pointed this piece out because he knows my love for cubbies. I asked her the price and she said $65.00 I offered $50 and we settled on $55. I know just where I will put it. My hubs thought I bought it for my booth. It’s too cute. I will have to remove the sofa table currently in place but I wanted to paint it anyway. I painted one before and staged it as a Coffee Bar. Staging helps sell almost anything.

Here are some of my finds.

Ironstone bowl

Interesting little bottle with glass topper

Did i mention the Salted Caramel Fudge? I am not a huge fudge person but they had free samples and I tried and didn’t get 5 feet when I turned around and bought some. Oh my goodness. Heavenly.

Here is some cool statuary in the park itself. 

More booths


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