Yea! Another Antique Show

I have been to more shows these past couple months that I have all last year or the year before.  

This one was in Springfield,  Mo at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds.It  was called  2 Friends and Junk. it was held indoors this past Friday and Saturday. 

I was dropped off by my hubs and daughter  who were off to do their own thing. It was packed. Unfortunately ,  in indoor venues, they try to cram in the vendors so close together with little aisle room. This makes it difficult for people trying to see booths and hard for people with strollers or wheelchairs .  

The booths were well decorated and the customers and the Vendors were all courteous even though we were a bit cramped. They had a lot of the Cowboy Chic popular now and while the Vendors looked great, it is not a look I could carry off in my small town. 

There was a mix of some antiques , some vintage, some clothing , jewelry and crafts. It was pretty cool. 

One of the places that caught my eye was this brightly lit jewelry booth with tons and tons of little beads, charms and more to create your own jewelry. Honestly ,  it was a bit overwhelming but I saw a cute necklace that I wanted to copy but without the one color of beads. The Vendor was such a sweet young woman who was so helpful. I was digging literally through a box of hundreds of various charms. I was getting frustrated because even though I was sifting out the ones I wanted, i had no place to put the oone I had already been through . She  brought me a box and then helped me look for some Christmas Charms. I had selected a large ring necklace  and she actually put it all together for no extra fee. 

Here are some shots of the show. I wasn’t  able to get shots of any booths up close because  of the crowds. 

Would I go again? Yes, even though it was pricey for most of it, it was fun. And of course, I got a couple bargains. 


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