Waco . Here I come  Jo Jo and Chip. 

Every since I saw the first episode of Fixer Upper, I was hooked. My hubs and I joked about moving to Waco and having Chip and JoJo work their magic. 

I wrote them a nice letter complimenting them and they sent me an autographed postcard .  I  was thrilled. 

I have watched every episode , more than once,  pinned the pictures on Pinterest , oohed and ahhed. When I heard they were going to speak in Kansas City at a home show about 4 hours away, I was stoked. When we arrived, it was packed with standing room only. They were just like they are on t.v. They asked  if there were any questions from the audience and I was first.  I asked if I could give Joanna something. It was another card. JoJo was on the microphone and said yes. I maneuvered my way through the crowd. I am good at that. Got up to the stage and gave it to her and then asked for a hug. She is a skinny thing. lol. I walked away on Cloud 9. That was about 2 years ago. 

Last week, my hubs decided to surprise me with a trip to WACO!!! Like most of you, I so wanted to visit the Silos and see the  area they lived in. And of course, was hoping to run into them and become best friends. 

We left Mo at 4 a.m. and I was bleary eyed but excited. We traveled through Oklahoma and actually went to a couple of Antique stores and found some goodies. Then on to Texas .  14 hours later due to 2 hours in Ok shopping, some food breaks and mostly because Texas is a huge state we had arrived. It was dark when we arrived and since they  are closed on Sundays ,  we drove by and took some pictures .  The beautiful manicured grass looks real but isn’t .  

 You can’t believe how big the whole site is. It’s more than a store, it’s an attraction .  

Sunday’s adventures included going to some Antique Shops that were open. The best deals by far was Ross Antiques in Ross. Just about 10 minutes from Waco. Got a lot of stuff there. 

Unfortunately,  I did not get a picture of Ross Antiques. These are from 2 other places.

Monday, we headed toward the Silos and my excitement level was off the charts. We decided to use the Trolley which takes you to the Silos and other stores around the area. That was fun with our Tour Guide Rosalie. 

Did you know the  Silos used to be used for cotton seeds to make into oil?

Heres the Trolley

This is the stage area.

From across the street. 

The catering trucks.

Inside Bakery 

I had Pumpkin Spice and he had Chocolate cake with Expresso frosting. Chocolate covered coffee bean. Both were delicious . 

I had originally thought store was actually in the Silos but they are in that white building which leads into another building. This ceiling shot is from 2nd building offshoot from main. 

The places were crowded but everyone there was polite and courteous. The lines were long but they had 14 cashiers in this side and the people in line were friendly. 

Chips Corner had hammers and other manly stuff.

A little garden building.

This is the back view looking forward. in the middle is a play area where kids and older play cornhole, kick a soccer ball, football and relax on big bean bag chairs. There are tables and benches to eat at. 

Guess we will have to put in our  miles.  

Stay tuned for Part 2 hopefully tomorrow if I wake up. Lol


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