Waco Part 2

After immersing ourselves in all that was the Silos ,  we decided to walk the block to another store called The Findery. It is housed in a cool old building. There  is so much amazing architecture in Waco especially the churches. My head was whipping back and forth looking at all the cool places. 

Sorry about the car in front but its a packed area. 

This store is pretty awesome too with as much as I hate to say this, but less expensive than the Silos. Don’t worry though, because the Silos are doing a booming business. 

See that Supermarket sign. Got it for 40% off. SCORE!  It’s cool that these open places are able to create little vignettes to tease your eyes. Creativity abounds.

Now back to the Trolley to take us  back to our car to drop our big sign off and my big bag too. The Trolley was kind enough to take an extra minute so 2 other ladies and us went to our cars to unload and they picked us up around the corner saving us from having to wait the 15 minutes before they made the loop again. 

Next we went to a place called Spice Market. It was next to a Mexican Food Restaurant  we had eaten at the day before called Ninfa’s . 

These 2 shots are of the inside of Ninfa’s .  I had enchiladas with a mole made out of spices, nuts and chocolate. A lot of true mexican food is made with chocolate. No wonder  it’s my favorite  food.

Below pics are of The Spice  Market. This place was highly recommended however, I sort of felt it was the same commercial stuff repeated. No great bargains there either. It was cute though. 

Interesting ferris wheel look.

Cool lighting

These were funny. 

Later, after we finally get home and have unloaded the very full car and have picked ourselves up from collapsing, I will post all of my treasures. 

According to Google , our trip was 1238.20 miles and took over 18 hours to and from. This does not take into account, our many wrong turns and yes we had Google Driving, looking for various places to shop and eat . It was a very long journey for us anyway, my back hurt, my body was stiff and I would do it in a heartbeat  because there  is so more to see. We saw bad areas and then this mansion in houses costing over a million. 

All in all, it was an amazing trip and I will have memories to last a lifetime. 


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