We wish you a Merry Christmas . 

I am a hoarder of all things however; Christmas is my favorite. I have had some pretty crazy ones, some plain awful but since my husband of 16 years and I have been married it’s been wonderful. I think my daughter would agree. Maybe  it’s  because I have had such awful ones that I really appreciate the good ones. 

As usual ,  I tend to go overboard. And of course, because this is our first one in the new place, it’s  been fun albeit challenging figuring out how to use what we have to decorate .  I am used to having 3 trees in my front windows because we had 3  huge windows .  This house has basically one window in the front I can use because the  other one is right in  front of the dining table. 

I had bought a flocked tree from a resale store a month earlier but I didn’t realize how skinny it was until I brought it home. So I moved it to the corner of the living room. It’s a bit tight but it works.  

Done in rustic theme with my wooden creatures. 

Here they are underneath too. 

Here’s my cute little old ladder that stays up year round. I mix up decor on that ladder. See that Santa on top left. He came from my grandma. I love that guy even though my husband and daughter think he’s creepy.

This is our main tree. I have to get a bigger tree skirt .  I  have a couple of choices. But I think I am going to use the simple white snowflake one. I have tried a new method found on Pinterest where you place the ribbon separately. I  rather like the difference. Plus, I added quite a few more ornaments to one tree .  So it’s really full. I like it. I hope you do. 

That’s my wedding ornament mixed on with family ornaments and vintage ones  too.


This white flocked wreath I bought at a garage sale and it came lighted. 

This is the cubby, I bought at thst Vintage sale. I  have labeled all the bins with Santa, Mrs Claus, all the reindeer and 2 left over for the Assistant to Mrs Clause elf and the elf that takes care of the toys . Quite honestly, I  did not know that the elves had names but of course,  they would .  Inside the bins are more woodland animals and springs of greenery. 

On top of the cubby are my carolers which I love. I  personally love to sing  but unfortunately nobody wants to hear it. 

.I have more to show you but that’s  all for today.   So take a moment and pretend these carolers are singing your favorite Christmas song. And be glad it isn’t  me.  Lol.


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