Christmas Porch is bright

I love a good front porch , don’t you. In one of my favorite  houses, I had a Victorian house with a great porch that wrapped around one side. I spent many hours on that porch talking to the neighbors just like the  old times. We had a rather narrow porch on our last house and the new one isn’t much bigger but for some reason I have enjoyed decking it out. 

That bright light in the  center is a star with very bright lights. I couldn’t get my camera to get a great picture .  

There’s a lot going on here. By the front door there are 2 faux Christmas trees in olive buckets I got  from Goodwill for only $4.99 each. Score! Those are lit with  the garland  around the  door and windows. 

There  is the wagon I bought from Big Lots years ago that has  been a staple on my porch decorated many ways  for many seasons because you change it up. Now it holds,  a little  Snowman ,  old ice  skates and a lantern . Next to that is a pallet sign I made with the  word Joy. A big  bucket is filled with another faux  tree and then a mini ladder holds 2 watering cans ,  one  Vintage with  holly berries, the other a cute Christmas scene. A Pottery Barn rocker steal at yet another garage sale holds a plaid blanket to  cuddle up with . 

Overwhelmed  ? Me too.

Next section has an old wooden sled,  a crock on old little table with another tree which is next to more  faux trees  and my sweet blow molds. 

  • That’s all folks for the  porch.  Hope you enjoyed it. 

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