Christmas – Fa la la la la.

Here’s a shot of our new fireplace. As you can see I decided to try a new idea for  the fireplace , since we don’t currently use  the  fireplace and we have a very deep well (is that the  term) despite there  being an insert already in there, there  was still plenty of room to add more stuff. I decided to use  the window that  I had  up on the mantle anyway to frame the fireplace using the shutters and create a vignette using my little Lemax houses. I wanted  to make it seem like you were peering through the window and saw the houses out the window. 

Next to the window is a cool sleigh and a large Santa. They stand in front of the  shelves which holds my houses.

Here is some more items on the actual mantle.

Love this Santa’s face. 

Hobby Lobby is where I got this sparkly beauty.

And this Santa making his list.

I got this 6 bin box which I filled with miniatures  including those vintage Angels. The 2 lambs are so soft and cuddly. 

I will be posting more in the next few days so keep checking back. 

Meanwhile ,  I think its time for pumpkin bread. 


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