Lights are glowing

As I relax cuddled up on my couch snuggling with my ever so  soft Christmas throw,  I am drinking in the Christmas ambiance with just the tree lights glowing the smell of the banana bread I just baked and taste tested, of course .

The mantle clock is ticking,although right now its not on the mantle because there is too much Christmas decor there. 

I needed this quiet time, I have been feeling out of sorts lately, compounded with a cold and cough. I have been extremely tired and just been sleeping a lot . I don’t do well when I sit still too long.

Today, I heard that a dear friend who moved out of state is coming home to her parents for Christmas. And she finally gets to come see my  new house. Now I am excited. Only problem is my  very messy craft room I will have to clean now. It was clean  (sort of) but then Christmas exploded in there and it’s the catchall for everything.  I’ve got my work cut out for me. Yikes 😥

Better make some banana bread because I know my husband will eat  it all before she gets here. 


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