Merry Christmas to All . God bless us everyone. 

Do you have a favorite Christmas movie? Mine would have to be “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Have to watch it every year.  It’s tradition.

 But we also watch Scrooge,  preferably the old one with  George C Scott.  

This season has been difficult. I first felt sick the week before we were supposed to go to help our son in law install Pergo flooring. I felt well enough to go and after the weekend, my hubs then got sick.  My hubs never takes sick  days but when  after the second day asked me to take him to the Dr’s(  He hates when I drive)so I knew he had to be really sick. So that week was shot. Enter December  18, a week before Christmas and I am sicker than before.  I am coughing and sneezing but I have so much to do. Plus the kids were coming here.  I’d already lost 2 weeks before. However;  my cold/flu or whatever it is didn’t really care.  I tried to make oatmeal raisin cookies but they were so flat,  I  literally scraped them off the cookie sheets. It seemed that no matter what I tried to do, it backfired.  But they still taste good.

Fortunately. I had already done the decorating which I shared earlier

But I don’t think I shared the Master bed.  

Our master bedroom tree.

Up close,  this smaller white tree is decorated with silver and grey. Pretty little birds perch it’s branches. 
Fortunately,  my hubs usually cooks the holiday meals and he pitched in cleaning. I felt terrible sleeping in the same bed being Typhoid Mary 

Do you have a Christmas eve tradition? Ours is to open our stockings. This year,  I got a ton of great chocolate, my favorite Toblerone and some Kerig coffees.  This year,  we drove around to see some Christmas light displays I heard about. That was really fun and reminded me of being a kid and going around too. I hope we keep that as a tradition. 


Christmas morning,  I actually woke up first after going to bed before 10. I was falling asleep watching  “It’s a Wonderful Life”.  I didn’t want to wake the others and thought maybe the hubs would appreciate an hour or two being able to sleep in peace, so I laid down on the couch in husband’s man cave.I didn’t lay there long when I heard noises in kitchen.  Normally, I make breakfast after gift giving but we decided to just have coffee. 

My daughter and son in law. She always steals my spot on the couch.  Lol. 

Dinner was delicious with ham, turkey, dressing, sweet potato casserole, fixings and Pumpkin Pecan Streusell pie.  It tasted good but I  still didn’t feel well. As much as  I hated to, back to bed again.  

Here’s our dining table.  Pretty  Pfaltzgraff dishes go with matching tablecloth and a pretty lantern tied with the same ribbon, I used outside and inside.  

Unfortunately,  the kiddo’s had to split their time between us and the in laws.  This was hard for our SIL because he just lost his dad in November.  Bless his heart. 

They left and I went and laid down yet again. I felt terrible not only physically but because this was our first Christmas on this new to us house. Of course, I  wanted it to be perfect and despite all my coughing and snarking it was still wonderful being with the kiddos and my hubs. 

I hope you had a Merry one too. 


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