Meet Gigi

I’ve pretty much had a dog or cat my whole life with the few times when I lived in no pet apartments. 

Pets have become beloved members of my family and sometimes have felt like my only family. 

After our beloved Dachshund Pickles passed, there was a loneliness and grief that probably affected my hubs harder than me, simply because he spent more time with her. She was constantly on his lap no matter what he was doing from just watching tv to installing our floors. 

He was adamant about not getting another dog because he said they would not allow us to travel, they cost too much, etc etc when I believe the truth is that Pickles’s death hurt him. 

I had been talking about wanting a dog to well everybody, Facebook,  friends, you know everybody. I was really hoping I would get one for Christmas.  And while I got some wonderful gifts, there  was no little dog. I felt let down. 

Then there was my cold, then he had the flu, then he got the stomach bug right after Christmas and then I did and it was awful. 2017 came in with him in bed sicker than a dog and me the next day.  

Last Friday, everything changed.  I had finally ventured out of the house and gone on some errands . Hubs came home from work, no big deal. Didn’t have any real plans for the weekend . Suddenly I remembered I had left my library card on the  front seat of the car and knew I would lose it if i didnt go get it. I already lost one. I went out to the car when I heard crying from outside the garage. I opened the garage door and there was a dog carrier with a cutie pie inside and a bag. I opened the door and picked up this little sweetheart. I didn’t know what to think. Then I realized that the hubs had gotten me my Christmas present after all. I gathered all the stuff and ran into the house shouting Thank You, thank you and ran into hubs arms.  

He acted surprised,  he told me he didn’t do it. I looked in the bag and there was a card with my name on it. I opened it up to find a Christmas Card that said. Merry Belated Christmas.  Give her lots of love. Your Secret Santa. There were treats in the bag, with a leash, a coat and I think PJ’s. 

I do not know who my Secret Santa is but I do know that this 2 lb pixie has won my heart, however; she does seem to spend a lot of time on my hubs lap. 

 Her little fur coat.

On his lap.

Thank you Santa. Whoever you are.


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