My Bathroom has a design- finally

As you know we bought this fixer upper last April and we started out like gangbusters. We transformed a lot. However; there’s still things to do. The kitchen needs an overhaul. The master bath needs new flooring, seriously  they have two different types of tiles, who does that? Plus we need to replace the vanity and the lighting.  

Those things will get done.  

The Guest Bath has been a difficult one for me to decide on what the design should be.  It’s not a big one but it has a shower/bath combo, sink, toilet and unfortunately the water heater is in a closet in there but there is a bit of storage too. I love buffalo check pattern and I have black and white check for my curtains in my living area, so I was stoked to find a red and cream check shower curtain at a local Antique store for cheap.  We still need to replace this vanity and sink as well but I have finally decided on going really old fashioned. I had this really cute small washboard and I put it on the door to bathroom. 

I remember that I had a friend who had a really cool bathroom back in the early 80’s that had old medicine bottles, Pearl Soap Print Ad etc. I have this really old picture I inherited from my grandma. I will show it to you later. 

Yesterday, the hubs and I went to another Antique Mall looking for a possible ceiling light for our master bedroom and I kept my eyes open for some of those little medicine bottles. The hubs was Johnny on the spot and found me several. Here are some of one’s we chose.

I might fill this with colored water.  

This is my favorite.  Love the colors. 

This is what I plan to put them in and hang on the wall. I think I will paint it black and distress it. Have more stuff to get. 

Any ideas and suggestions. I love to hear from you. 


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