Irish Decor at Home

Last post I shared my small towns St Patrick’s day celebration with parade. Now it’s time to share some of my own ways of celebrating. St Patrick’s is not a huge Holiday for us so I keep it pretty simple. The older I get, the more simpler my decor becomes.

For the first time, I decided to do a little St Pat’s tree and decorate it with some beads I have accumulated from past parades. I had some cute hanging shamrocks and used a little hat for the topper. Since I have my table at its smallest size, I decided to just do the tree instead of a whole table setting. 

This is that bin cabinet I got at that Vintage Faire last summer. I have strung shamrock lights and placed a beautiful  bowl on a plate rack so it stands up and during the day, the sun shines through it illuminating it’s color. 

The green bucket is filled with some green and white mesh which mat he’s the wreath I made and it also holds a Luck of the Irish mini flag, more beads and cute little coin filled cauldron on sticks. I was thinking about getting one of those big black cauldron at Halloween time when they go on sale,  then painting it green for St Patrick’s day decor in my yard. I can always glue beads on the outside so the wind doesn’t cause me grief.  

This is my mantle with my blow up leprechaun.  I love my window because you can dress it up for every holiday and season.


I think I got this Lucky plastic bucket at Target or Dollar Tree. I know I didn’t spend very much on it.  I honestly don’t remember where I got the 4 leaf clover Plant or the flags. 

I had this stand with clotche so I filled it for a pop of color on my hearth.


I love lambs in general and these two make me smile. Plus they’re soft.

This is hung at my window above my kitchen sink. 

Can’t believe that discounted Geranium from last summer is still alive let alone doing OK. Paid a whopping .64 cents. 

Hope you enjoy this holiday and don’t forget to wear Green unless you want to get pinched. Lol


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