May Sunshine

Last week, I went to my daughters house to help her with her first garage sale on her own.  Several neighborhoods in her area were all having subdivision sales so we thought it would be great.  

However; Mother Nature decided to go berserk and not just rain, but pour. Here in Mo, roads were washed out. It was a nightmare. I tried to come home on Sunday, but got stuck in traffic basically sitting for 4 hours with my poor little dog. Worse thing was that I found out that I actually would have been stuck for more hours with more traffic being rerouted completely the wrong direction.  So I turned around and drove the 99 miles back to my daughters. Frustrated oh yea!

Finally on Tuesday, I headed home, making my trip twice the normal time but at least I made it. I was so happy to be home. 

Now the sun has been shining and I am so happy. 

I have started our kitchen remodeling by sanding both with orbital sander and hand sanding the hard to reach places in design.  

Here my poor kitchen looks empty. Please ignore the mess. 

Got all the doors sanded, labeled all the hardware with door numbers. 

My shoulders are hurting. But tomorrow,  I will do the drawer fronts. Oh joy. 

Today I don’t know what got into me but I played racquetball,  came home, sanded the cupboards, cleaned the kitchen, washed the car, emptied it out and vacuumed it. 

I will post pictures as we go along. 

What projects are you working on. 


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