Kitchen Updating

When we bought this house,  we knew that pretty much everything had to be updated. We had already scrubbed the heck out of the kitchen and replaced all the nasty appliances but the cabinets were oak although dark so we decided to paint them to brighten up the room. 

I went to Lowes and picked up some Valspar paint with primer. We had already decided on white with new countertops and subway tile. We haven’t decided on flooring yet. Bought the paint and took off all the doors and hardware. 

Day one , painted the doors and bases. Didn’t cover like I thought. Hmm. 

Day two, painted second coat, hmn, still not good enough. 

Day three, painted third coat, holy buckets, this still needs another coat. Grrr.

Day four, painted fourth coat while not so secretly griping. 

Day five, added hinges and knobs. Realized, I had 2 hinges left over. Uh oh,  lost a cabinet doors somewhere. How does one lose a cabinet? Leave it to me. Later, found said cabinet doors up on a shelf. Get to paint that a few more times. Oh joy! 

Here’s the old ones sans doors. Excuse the mess, all the stuff is here, there and everywhere.  Tupperware on coffee table, food and silverware on dining table and rest in my craft room. It’s a treasure hunt trying to find something.  

See the missing cabinet doors.  See icky floor. 

Will post more later. 


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